Mercurial Server for Windows

Behind-the-firewall self-hosted Mercurial server
and source control management system

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HgLab is built on top of Mercurial, a simple, fast, lightweight and powerful Distributed Version Control System.

HgLab is designed specifically for Microsoft Windows. Built on a rock-solid foundation of .NET Framework, it will feel right at home on your Windows Server - no Linux, no Apache, no Python.

HgLab installs on your servers - all code is stored on machines that you manage, providing a fully-controlled and isolated environment on your corporate infrastructure.

With Mercurial repository hosting, commit approvals and discussions, email and RSS notifications, @mentions, starring and watching, HgLab is the collaboration platform that will help you do what you do best: ship great software.

HgLab is refreshingly simple to install and upgrade.

Administration is radically simplified with an intuitive user interface: add users, groups and teams, create and manage repositories – all in a matter of seconds.

Browse projects and repositories online, be on top of things with Activity Streams, receive Email Notifications on changes in your Watched repositories, trace back with Pushlog and get insight with Graphs.

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