HgLab will be the best code collaboration platform for Mercurial. Here's an overview of what has to be done to make this possible.

v2 Forks in HgLab provide developers with yet another workflow to contribute code to a repository.

v2 The hallmark of DVCS: Merge Requests. Review and discuss new contributions before they are accepted into the mainline.

v3 This gives developers the freedom to innovate and store their private snippets of work, kick-start their own project, contribute a bug fix for a project they are not a member of, or add a feature to a common component.

v3 Webhooks make it trivial to integrate HgLab with the outside world.

v4 Read and write capability to a veritable smörgåsbord of the information in HgLab.

v4 First-class integration with Campfire, HipChat, Grove, Flowdock, Trello, Zendesk and dozen of other third-party services.

v4 Wiki allows you to keep all your project documentation in one place. Backed by a Mercurial repository, Wikis in HgLab can be cloned to your local machine.

v4 Having a central place for all of your bugs is going to help you make much better software.

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