Released Friday, June 7, 2013

With this update HgLab is changing the way and where it stores its data. Remember to go to Administration and set things up appropriately.

Additionally, with this version HgLab will be including an Application Instance Identifier when checking for updates over at This GUID is simply a way for us to get a rough idea of the number of installations there are in the wild, and which versions people are using, so we can make decisions about backwards compatibility support.

Here's an overview of what's included in this release:

  • From now on HgLab will be versioned according to SemVer rules
  • Introduced HgLab Home Directory concept. Now all data has a single home.
  • Completely redesigned Dashboard and removed Activity page.
  • Project Watching. Watching a project lets you follow all project activity on a Dashboard; it will also appear on a "Watched" tab on a Dashboard.
  • Repository Starring. Starring means just marking the repository; it will show up on a "Starred" tab on a Dashboard.
  • HgLab Flavored Markdown. Try Markdown and Emojis in commit messages.
  • Repository Graphs. Thee graphs for now: Commit Activity, Contributions and Languages.
  • Massively improved pull/clone responsiveness.
  • Warnings for outdated repositories. HgLab will now warn you if you add a repository created using a really old Mercurial version.
  • Added support for Anonymous Clones.
  • Tiny UI, UX and performance fixes and improvements all over the place. (17 Mb)

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