Released Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Long time no updates, which warrants a big update: lots of new features and improvements.

Here's an overview of what's included in this release:

  • Compare View: At-a-glance view of what has changed over a series of commits
  • Pushlog. A detailed log of who pushed what and when.
  • @mentions for Team Members and Project Roles. Mention a single @username, all users with a @roleslug or a whole @team.
  • Complete support for Bookmarks
  • .hgignore files for new repositories. Many thanks to all the fine folks at GitHub for carefully maintaining a list of .gitignore files which was the basis for this feature.
  • Show closed branches in /branches?closed=true
  • Filter /commits page to show commits only on one branch (/commits?branch=default)
  • Project and Repository Settings
  • User Time Zone in Profile. Beat that, JIRA folks!
  • Basic support for Emojis.
  • Markdown-formatted readme files at any level in the repository.
  • Support for running under IIS 6.0. Yep, no need to upgrade if you want to run HgLab.
  • Major UI and UX fixes all over HgLab.
  • Performance improvements. Better, faster, more responsive. (16 Mb)

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