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Overview of Wiki

Having good documentation is crucial to the success of a project. HgLab includes a full-featured project-level Wiki, backed by a Mercurial repository. You can edit it via HgLab web interface, or you can take the entire knowledge base with you and work with it just as you would with an ordinary Mercurial repository full of Markdown files.

Working with Wiki


HgLab uses Markdown as a markup language.

There are two ways to set a page title. It is either by including a crafted comment tag:

<!-- title: New Title for the Page -->

or by defining an h1 tag (or #, in Markdown), in this exact order.

Wiki Pages are interlinked by including the linked page name in double-brackets [[Like This]].

Working with Wiki: Online

You can get to your Project Wiki by clicking the "Wiki" navbar item:

Accessing Wiki

If you're accessing your Project Wiki for the first time, you'll be prompted to create a page titled "Home". This will be an entry point to your Wiki.

To edit Wiki pages and upload attachments, you will need a "Wiki Authoring" permission.

Working with Wiki: Offline

Just as a conventional Mercurial repository hosted in HgLab, you can clone the entire Wiki by clicking the "Clone" button and following the instructions:

Cloning Wiki

After cloning, you can do usual commits, pulls, pushes and merges.

Repository Structure

Wiki in HgLab does not use branches other than default.

There's a number of characters that, if used in file names, will make these files inaccessible via the web interface. These include all non-printable ASCII characters and all characters that are treated "special" on Windows platforms, including \ / : * ? " < > |. Additionally, the # character cannot be used in file names. All resticted characters should be replaced with -.

Every file, at any directory level, with an .md extension automatically becomes a Page and can be accessed either by being linked to or from the Pages tab.

Any file (again, at any directory level) becomes what HgLab calls an Attachment, and these can be accessed either from the Attachments tab, or can be linked to or displayed as an image.

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