This section outlines some of the key features of HgLab from the point of view of users who have to use HgLab.

Key Concepts

HgLab uses straightforward and consistent terminology throughout the whole system. Here's an overview of key concepts:


Project is a primary organizational unit in HgLab. Projects group related Repositories and Teams togeher. On typical software teams, you might set up a Project for every individual product that you create.

Each Project has a Project Lead, who is the default person in certain scenarios.


A Repository is the place to keep source code. Each Repository can only belong to a specific Project, and each Project can have an unlimited number of Repositories.


A User is someone who accesses HgLab, either via web interface or by means of interacting with it using Mercurial client.

Each User can be a member of any number of Groups.


Groups are used to organize Users by whatever criteria you see fit.


Permissions grant access to perform certain functions. In order to allow a User to do something important, you will need to grant this User a specific Permission.


Role is a logical grouping of a number of Permissions.

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