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Limitations of Internet Information Services

Currently, IIS does not allow to POST files (or generally to issue requests) over 2Gb in size (see this and this). This poses a problem with large Mercurial repositories. Specifically, initial hg push operations may fail with the following errors:

There are two workaround for this issue: either perform Incremental Pushes, or copy the repository over to the server manually.

HgLab v1 does not support GeneralDelta storage format, so the repository has to be converted to a compatible format first.

Open up the .hg\requires file in the repository. If there are no sparse-revlog, sparserevlog or generaldelta entries, you are good to go and can continue to the next paragraph. Otherwise, you should run the following command:

hg clone -U --config format.usegeneraldelta=no --config format.sparserevlog=no --pull PATH_TO_REPOSITORY PATH_TO_DOWNGRADED_REPOSITORY

Now you just have to take the .hg directory of the converted repository (or the original, if it was compatible to begin with) and manually copy over to HGLAB_HOME_DIRECTORY\repositories\mainline\PROJECT_SLUG\REPOSITORY_NAME on the server where HgLab is installed.

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