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Moving HgLab Home Directory to a Different Location

The process is quite simple:

  • Uninstall HgLab. During uninstall, HgLab does not remove Home Directory, nor does it drop the Database.
  • Move Home Directory to a new location
  • Install HgLab and point it to a new Home Directory location. During install, HgLab Installer will not overwrite the Home Directory and it will not recreate the Database.

Moving HgLab Database to a Different Database Server

Or, as a variation, how to change the connection string to the HgLab Database.

The process is identical to the one described above: just reinstall HgLab with the new Connection String.

Moving HgLab to a Different Server

For all practical purposes, moving HgLab to a different server is identical to restoring HgLab from the backup.

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