Upgrading HgLab

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It is always a good idea to perform a backup before upgrading any software component, and HgLab is no exception.

Upgrading from HgLab 1.4 and Earlier

Starting from HgLab 1.5, the HgLab Installer is the one responsible for creating AppPools and Web Sites or Web Applications. If you are upgrading from pre-1.5 version, please remove all HgLab-related AppPools, Web Sites or Web Applications from the Microsoft Internet Information Services.

Additionally, starting from HgLab 1.7, support for upgrading from pre-1.0 versions of HgLab was removed. If you are upgrading from pre-1.0 version, upgrade to HgLab 1.6 first (and see the previous paragraph), make sure the upgrade ran smoothly, and only then do upgrade to HgLab 1.7 and above.

HgLab has a trivial upgrade procedure:

  1. Download the installer and follow installer prompts
  2. Open HgLab in a web browser and click the "Upgrade" button

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