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Welcome! This article will guide you through the process of setting up HgLab and pushing your very first changeset.

What is HgLab?

HgLab is a Mercurial Server and Repository Manager that you own and control. It is installed on the machines that you manage, providing a fully-controlled and isolated environment on your corporate infrastructure.

Install HgLab

Check out Prerequisites to see what are the hardware and software requirements for HgLab and then follow along the Installation Instructions.

HgLab Dashboard

Create Project

HgLab ties related source code repositories together into projects. Projects enable you to organize and manage repositories and teams, making managing access to your repositories simple and straightforward.

Read more about Projects.

Create Repository

Repositories is where your source code lives and prospers. They can be browsed via the web interface or can be interacted with using any of the Mercurial client tools, including hg.exe itself, as well as any of the GUI clients.

Repositories in HgLab
Read more about Repositories.

Configure Mercurial

If you don't already have Mercurial installed on your computer, it's time to do so. A Tour of Mercurial will get you started, and those impatient can instead read Mercurial Quick Start.

Clone a Repository

In order to start collaborating on code, you first need to grab yourself a copy of the repository. In a DVCS world, this is called cloning.

Cloning from HgLab using console Mercurial client
Leart more about how to clone repositories from HgLab.

Make Changes

It's all very simple. Make your changes and then:

hg commit  -A # -A means add and remove any added or deleted files

Push Changes to HgLab

Again, with Mercurial it is a piece of cake:

hg pull       # Pull whatever has changed in the mainline repository
hg merge      # Merge your changes. Some prefer to use rebase
hg push       # And push everything up to HgLab
Leart more about how to push changes to HgLab.

HgLab has an integrated Pushlog, so you always know who pushed what and when:

Pushlog in HgLab

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