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Site Name
This is the name of your HgLab installation that will be displayed in the web UI and elsewhere.
Site URL
This is the URL that is public used to access this HgLab installation.


HgLab supports sending notification emails for various events such as @mentions, pushes and discussions in repositories you contribute to or own. When using Integrated Catalog, you must configure mail settings and enable Oubound Email in order to be able to invite new users to your HgLab installation.

Outbound Email
This setting enables or disables outbound email. No outbound email will be sent unless this setting is enabled and an external SMTP server is configured properly.
Support Email Address
This is the email address linked to from any "Support" links in your HgLab installation.
Sender Email Address
This is the email address that will be used in the "From" fields for all notification emails.

HgLab uses external SMTP server to send email notifications. Settings are pretty much as you would expect: server address and port, login and password.

When saving Email settings, HgLab first tries to connect to the SMTP server and then sends a verification email to the current user.

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