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Due to the way Microsoft Windows works with filenames, it is key to pick a correct encoding for your repositories.

See Encoding Strategy for an in-depth discussion of various problems that Mercurial has to work around in order to perform reliably on different systems.

LAN Optimizations

LAN Optimizations allow compatible Mercurial clients to use significantly more performant algorithm for initial clone operations. This allows client to use what is called "streaming" clones, which makes initial clone operations significantly faster at the expense of bandwidth.

LAN Optimizations do not work with Largefiles-enabled repositories or outside of private networks.

Clone Bundles

Clone Bundles allow compatible Mercurial clients to do faster initial clones of repository by first downloading a server-advertised pre-generated bundle file, and then doing an incremental hg pull to fetch new data since the time the bundle file was generated. The end result is a faster clone with drastically reduced load on the Mercurial server.

ProjRc Extension

Enabling ProjRc Extension allows HgLab to transfer additional configuration settings to compatible Mercurial clients.

See ProjrcExtension page on Mercurial Wiki for more information on how to enable this extension for clients.

With ProjRc Extension enabled, HgLab always transfers the [ui] section with username setting appropriately configured for the currently authenticated user:

username = John Doe <>

Any additional configuration settings can be specified in the approprate text area:

ProjRc Extension in HgLab

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