October 23, 2013 •

Please, update to HgLab 0.4.5.

HgLab is nearing its 1.0 release, which means there will be less work put into new features and significantly more work related to improving stability, performance and reliability. Still, there are a couple new features in HgLab 0.4.

As it always is, upgrading HgLab is trivial.

Email Notifications

Email notifications go hand in hand with Watched repositories. Whenever someone pushes to any of the repositories you are watching, you’ll get a nice concise email highlighting all the commits with links to pages where you can review each commit in greater detail and discuss it with your team.

Commit Discussions

Just as mentioned before, you can now discuss commits directly in HgLab. This feature will be serving as a basis for upcoming Pull Requests and Code Reviews.

While discussing commits, you can use Emojis, Markdown formatting and @mentions:

HgLab Commit Discussions and @mentions

All participants will get subscribed to the discussion and will receive email notifications whenever there is a new post.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue when signed-in users could not see projects accessible by Anonymous users. See #345.
  • Fixed an issue when a Clone URL was not generating for users who use email addresses as logins. See #343, #312.
  • Fixed an issue with browsing repositores without a default branch. See #314.
  • Fixed an issue with browsing Activity Streams for repositories with stripped revisions. See #256, #222.


  • Performance improvements for all Mercurial over-the-wire operations.
  • Various servicing and administration-related improvements and fixes.
  • Significantly improved reliablility and stability of LDAP integration. See #220, #353, #338, #320.
  • As usual, UI and UX fixes all over the place.

Huge thanks to all the beta-testers. Your feedback is truly valuable!

HgLab is a behind-the-firewall self-hosted Mercurial server and source control management system which gives you:

  • Sophisticated Mercurial-based version control system
  • Straightforward setup on your servers
  • Powerful code collaboration platform
  • Seamless integration with your infrastructure - including ActiveDirectory

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