May 23, 2017 •

HgLab, a behind-the-firewall self-hosted Mercurial server, source control management system and code collaboration platform, has been updated to version 1.12.

JIRA, TeamCity and Slack Integrations

HgLab can now be integrated with JIRA, TeamCity and Slack.

JIRA Integration Extension attaches Remote Issue Links to relevant commits in HgLab. This is what it looks like in JIRA:


Slack Integration Extension posts messages to a Slack channel whenever commits are pushed to HgLab. This is what it looks like in Slack:


TeamCity Integration Extension uses VCS Post-Commit Hooks to trigger builds in TeamCity. This feature significantly reduces load on both TeamCity and HgLab.

Head over to the Extensibility documentation article to learn more.

Clone Bundles

If your HgLab installation serves repositories (say, over 100 Mb) or is under heavy load from frequent clones (say, from your build server), this feature will make scaling problems mostly go away.

Here’s what is going on under the hood when a Mercurial client clones a repository from a Clone Bundles-enabled server. First it checks whether the server advertises a list of pre-generated bundle files. If it does, a client doing the cloning first downloads the most appropriate bundle (a very fast operation), applies it locally (a very fast operation as well), and then effectively does an additional hg pull against the original repository to fetch any new commits that were pushed since the time the bundle was generated.

To put things into perspective, here is a standard clone operation with Clone Bundles disabled:


That’s almost two minutes.

Now, with Clone Bundles enabled:


Less than 30 seconds of wall time with not a lot of heavy-lifting by the server.

While we’re at it, remember that HgLab also has LAN Optimizations for Private Networks.

Starting from Mercurial 3.7, the Clone Bundles feature is enabled by default in all Mercurial clients. Head over to the Clone Bundles documentation article to learn more.

Happy Coding

Grab yourself a copy, request an evaluation license and get back to writing that awesome code, with HgLab being the center of your collaboration!

Thanks and stay tuned!

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