July 08, 2015 •

HgLab, a behind-the-firewall self-hosted Mercurial server, source control management system and code collaboration platform, has been updated to version 1.9. This release adds two often-requested features: support for adding entire Groups to Project Teams and Simplified Authorization.

Teams and Groups

It’s just what it says on the tin: not only Users can now be added to Teams, but entire Groups:

Adding Groups to Teams

Simplified Authorization

Up until version 1.9, HgLab was defaulting to displaying a 404 page whenever a user attempted to access an inaccessible project — that is, the one that he or she was not a member of.
This was done to prevent unnecessary information disclosure and was particularly useful if a HgLab installation had Public Access enabled.

With Simplified Authorization enabled, unauthenticated users navigating to inaccessible projects will be redirected to Signin page instead of being shown a "Page Not Found" error.

Happy Coding

Grab yourself a copy, request an evaluation license and get back to writing that awesome code, with HgLab being the center of your collaboration!

Thanks and stay tuned!

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