May 24, 2014 •

HgLab, a behind-the-firewall self-hosted Mercurial server, source control management system and code collaboration platform, has been updated to version 1.6.

Updated Installer, Part 2

Since introducing an updated installer for HgLab 1.5, there was a number of complaints about how cumbersome it was to launch an MSI from the Elevated command prompt. HgLab 1.6 fixes this by wrapping the MSI package in a what is called a “bootstrapper”. A bootstrapper is essentially an EXE files with an embedded manifest which forces UAC dialog to prompt for Elevation from the get-go. This means that HgLab no longer requires any secret incantations to start the installer: it can now be launched just by double-clicking the setup application.

Redesigned Teams

With this release HgLab gets proper Teams. Previously, you could effectively have only one Team per Project. From now on, HgLab supports multiple Teams, each with varying Roles and Members. This allows for greater flexibility and lays the foundation for a much more sophisticated functionality down the road.

Redesigned Teams

HgFlow Support

If you are using HgFlow in your development, HgLab now detects that and does something nice. The “Branches” tab gets replaced with a brand-new “Flow” tab, where you can see all the development streams going on.

The “Flow” tab has all kinds of smarts: it groups substreams according to where they originated from, correctly displays divergence information and has appropriate comparison behavior.

HgFlow Support in HgLab

ProjRc Extension Support

ProjRc enables seamless configuration sharing across the organization. With this release, HgLab becomes a ProjRc-compatible server and can be configured to send your environment-specific settings to all the clients. Enable extensions, remap subrepositories, configure defaults and aliases – all within the HgLab web interface.

ProjRc Extension Support in HgLab

Grab Bag

There’s also a number of bug fixes and improvements, as usual.

Previously, being a Project Lead had little to no difference as to what you could do in the project. From now on, Project Lead receives unlimited rights within the project: add repositories, manage Teams, add and remove Team Members and Roles. Be careful!

A couple of most prominent bugs were squashed:

  • “Watch” toggle was not working on certain pages. It now does.
  • Rendered Markdown files were not linking to the changesets. They now do as well.

Happy Coding

Grab yourself a copy, request an evaluation license and get back to writing that awesome code, with HgLab being the center of your collaboration!

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