April 29, 2014 •

HgLab, a behind-the-firewall self-hosted Mercurial server, source control management system and code collaboration platform, has been updated to version 1.5.

Goodbye, Microsoft Windows Server 2003

There were several reasons for dropping support for Microsoft Windows Server 2003. First, it is already on the Extended Support which is rapidly nearing its end in 2015. Second, very few HgLab customers are actually using it (if you are one of them, please do contact HgLab Support – there’s no need to worry).

The third, and the most important reason, is that I just could not deliver the desired installation experience. MSI and WiX make it nearly impossible to achieve what I was envisioning on Windows Server 2003, so something had to give.

Updated HgLab Installer

From now on, HgLab Installer will be the one responsible for creating and managing AppPools, Web Sites and Web Applications in the Microsoft Internet Information Services. This means that you won’t have to manually configure anything in the Internet Information Services Manager.

HgLab Installer

Read more about installing and upgrading HgLab.

Updated Documentation

HgLab Documentation has been given the attention it deserved. Head over to see the Getting Started Guide, check out Prerequisites and follow the detailed Installation Guide. User Guide contains a lot of useful bits on how to use each and every feature of HgLab, and Administrator Guide provides all the information required for managing the HgLab installation.

Breaking Changes

With HgLab 1.5, the only users who will be able to use HgLab are the ones who have Collaboration permission and System Administrators.

Refer to Security Model to see how Users, Groups, Roles and Permissions play together.

New Features

This release also features:

  • Redesigned Email settings in Administration Area with global "Outbound Email" toggle
  • Significantly more reliable email notifications
  • Database access performance optimizations
  • Activity Stream (as well as Activity Atom Feed) now follows behavior outlined in the documentation

Happy Coding

Grab yourself a copy, request an evaluation license and stay tuned.

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