March 25, 2014 •

Welcome HgLab 1.4. This release features an exciting new feature called “LAN Optimizations”

LAN Optimizations

Previously, cloning an entire Mercurial repository (55 Mb, almost 21,000 changesets) took a bit over a minute (1:16, to be exact):

Cloning without LAN Optimizations

Now watch this:

Cloning with LAN Optimizations

Fifteen seconds. That’s almost 5x speed increase for initial clones. Impressive, isn’t it? What’s even better is that no configuration tweaking is required on the client side. HgLab itself enforces this behavior, with (compatible) Mercurial clients silently obeying.

Of course, nothing in the computing world comes for free, and this is no exception. When you are enabling LAN Optimizations, you’re trading speed for bandwidth. In corporate scenarios bandwidth is practically unlimited, so enabling LAN Optimizations for, well, LANs is a no-brainer. Additionally, it saves a bit of CPU cycles since HgLab doesn’t have to do all the complex computations involved in building a bundle.

How Does It Work?

For as long as I can remember (since 2006, actually, but that’s like 50 years Internet-time), Mercurial had an unfortunately named --uncompressed switch for clone command:

hg clone --uncompressed

With this flag set, Mercurial client asks server to perform for a what is called a “streamed clone”, when server just takes all the revlogs from the repository, glues them all together and streams the entire thing back to the client. With LAN Optimizations enabled, HgLab effectively enforces this streaming behavior even when client doesn’t explicitly asks for it.

Streaming clones, however, are not available if you’re doing any of the fancy-pants cloning, like hg clone --rev, hg clone -–branch or hg clone http://...#revision-or-branch-or-tag. This is by design, because when you’re cloning only a subset of history, there’s no reason to transfer the repository in its entirety, so Mercurial has to revert to a traditional cloning behavior.

How to Enable?

Just check the checkbox. Go to Administration, then to Repositories and enable “LAN Optimizations”. No reboot, no restart. Changes are effective immediately:

Enabling LAN Optimizations

Stay Tuned

This release also has a number of minor User Interface tweaks, and discovering them is left as an exercise to the reader.

Grab yourself a copy, request an evaluation license and stay tuned.

Happy coding!

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