January 14, 2014 •

It’s been over a month since HgLab 1.0 and it’s high time for an update, so here goes: HgLab 1.1.

Inline Commit Discussions

Up until now HgLab only had commit-level discussions. Welcome inline commit discussions:

Inline Commit Discussions

Discuss with style: inline discussions support Markdown, Emojis and @mentions.

Virtual @ Bookmark

Some teams prefer their mainline branch to be something other than default. Therein lies a catch: newly cloned repositories gets automatically updated to default branch and commits often end up in the wrong place.

Virtual @ Bookmark

To solve that, Mercurial 2.4 introduced a special bookmark called @ to which all fresh clones get updated to. Where does HgLab come into play here? Well, if you change your Mainline Branch to something other than default (and you don’t happen to have @ bookmark already), HgLab will manage this oh-so-special marker by itself, allowing you to always be on the correct path.

Starred Repositories

Your favorite repositories are now even more accessible. Clicking that tiny arrow opens up a handy list of all your Starred Repositories.


Language Statistics

Each Repository page now comes with a nice language statistics graph which shows the language breakdown.

Language Statistics

Performance Improvements and More

Speed is a feature, and I continue to work on improving HgLab performance. This release is no exception: HgLab became much smarter about caching and cache invalidation.

These are the big features in this release, but there’s also a lot of small fixes that contribute to the overall experience: updated icons and .hgignore templates, improved language detection, numerous UI and UX fixes, tweaks and improvements.

Long Road Ahead

These 19 branches you saw on the screenshots above – they are there for a reason. This is just the beginning, and will be many new and exciting features. Stay tuned!

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