November 26, 2013 •

Today I’m officially launching HgLab 1.0, a self-hosted, behind-the-firewall Mercurial server and source control management system for Windows.

For many companies, hosting an internal source control server and maintaining access to repositories can be a difficult and time consuming process. Now, you can focus on building great software and let HgLab take care of your repository management.

Built for Windows

Mercurial has always had excellent Windows support on the client-side. With HgLab, server-side gets equally great treatment. HgLab runs on Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and above and requires only Microsoft .NET Framework, Internet Information Services and Microsoft SQL Server: everything you are already familiar with.

What’s more, HgLab integrates seamlessly with your LDAP server and provides all the benefits of centralized user and group management.

Centralized Repository Management

HgLab delivers you a central, secure solution to create and manage distributed repositories, on your own servers. Developers can trust that they will find the latest official version of a project. Managers can trust that users’ access to code is appropriate for their role, and assigned with minimal administrative overhead.

Meet HgLab

This is really big: HgLab has now grown out of its beta pants and turned into a mature, real-world application. Over the past 18 months HgLab has come a long way, but there’s an even longer road ahead. My goal with HgLab is to build state-of-the art code collaboration platform for Mercurial and Windows, and version 1.0 is just the beginning.

Head over to Features page to see what HgLab has to offer. Download the installer, request an Evaluation License and be up and running in no time.

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HgLab is a behind-the-firewall self-hosted Mercurial server and source control management system which gives you:

  • Sophisticated Mercurial-based version control system
  • Straightforward setup on your servers
  • Powerful code collaboration platform
  • Seamless integration with your infrastructure - including ActiveDirectory

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