November 21, 2013 •

About 18 months ago I made a first commit to the HgLab repository. From the get-go I had several major goals in mind:

  • Build the Mercurial Server for Windows: minimum dependencies, cleanest and simplest possible installation and upgrade experience
  • Make managing Mercurial repositories less of a hassle
  • Bring all the cool code collaboration tools to Mercurial and Windows

After 1.5 years in the making, I think I have first two points covered.

HgLab runs on Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and above and only requires .NET Framework, Internet Information Services and (for now) Microsoft SQL Server 2008 (Express edition or any later version will do just fine); it’s trivial to install and upgrade.

On the management side HgLab has a lot to offer too: web-based interface for managing Mercurial repositories and users, integration with ActiveDirectory, roles, groups and teams and much much more.

All in all, it’s been a bumpy ride and I have quite a few war stories to tell about IIS, WiX and .NET Framework. Yet, fast-forward 1 300 commits — and HgLab 1.0 is here.

With this release HgLab will be turning into a commercial product. It’s here for the long haul and I believe it has a much bigger chance of of succeeding if it has people committed to doing the not-so-fun things (as opposed to doing “fun” features), producing a very useful, high-quality and reliable product that you can trust your source code with and that use to do what you do best: build awesome software.


From now on, HgLab will be distributed as an MSI package. This is a much cleaner approach compared to what was available previously. Upgrades are handled automatically, so no more hand-picking which files to delete and which to leave out.

One thing to note here. HgLab itself is compiled as AnyCPU and actually runs as 64-bit process on 64-bit systems, but since there is no such a thing as as “AnyCPU MSI” and since I didn’t want to complicate things by offering two versions of installer, there will only be an x86 MSI.

Licensing and Pricing

HgLab will be licensed under a perpetual licensing model. Your license key allows you to use any release of HgLab that was available when you purchased the key, as well as any future releases (bug fixes, enhancements, new features, etc.) for 12 months from the date of purchase. After that 12 months, you can continue to use the version you have forever, or you can choose to renew your license key for another 12 months to continue getting updates.

There will be four licensing tiers for HgLab (plus a full-featured 45-day evaluation license), all providing the same functionality but differing in the number of users who will be able to access the system.

  • Startup: Up to 5 users, $ 29
  • Team: Up to 20 users, $ 349
  • Corporate: Up to 50 users, $ 849
  • Enterprise: Unlimited users plus access to full source code, $ 1 949
  • Evaluation: Unlimited users, 45 day evaluation

Thank you

HgLab has now matured into a real application, and it's time for the beta period to come to an end. The current 0.4.x series of releases will be the last beta releases while I tidy a few things up. On November 25th I'll release the final 1.0 version, and this will be a farewell to the beta label.

To everyone who participated in the beta, you have my sincere thanks for helping to make HgLab the product it is today!

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